Click on any photo to see larger pictures from our Sydney trip.

At the start of our 13 hour flight form LA to Sydney

Just arrived in Sydney

Our hotel, The Four Seasons (exchange rates can sometimes be convenient)

The Rocks, our neighborhood in Sydney

Walking around The Rocks

David and the Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House

You will see more of that.

Samantha in our hotel room

Our view

Our other view.

Sydney's Botanic Gardens

Yes, Sydney has bats hanging in the Botanic Gardens.

Lots of bats.

cool huh?

many, many bats

The Purple Ibis, apparently they can be a pest


More Purples Ibises

Samantha in the gardens with part of the Sydney skyline

Things in the Botanic Garden.

More Botanic Garden.

Just a short walk from the gardens.

Samantha performing at the Sydney Opera House

The sails.

Samantha's turn have her photo taken in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

It is hot, time for a rest.


Weird structures

fun shoot

One of the many outdoor cafes in The Rocks

The moon within the arch.

Underneith the Harbour Bridge

Tourists walking under the bridge

more bridge angles.

More tourists -- now walking over the bridge.

Samantha looking at the menu at "Bambu", a stylish water front restaurant in Sydney.

The view from our table.

Good Morning!  It is breakfast at the Gum Nut Cafe.

Samantha, only slightly jet-lagged

The Suez Canal -- one of the narrow streets of The Rocks.

A fun market in The Rocks.

Samantha enjoying the markets.

Our ferry to the zoo

Samantha "on" the harbour (spelled the Australian way.)

Sydney from the ferry


In the zoo gondola

First koala contact

Peacock and seagull face off.


Cute Australian Porcupine, the Echidna

Koalas, they sleep a lot

Pretty birds.

Giraffe feeding with Samantha

On the ferry again heading back from the zoo

Samantha trying the delicious Australian dessert, the Lamington.

We can't avoid those Ibises

Our fireworks -- yes, just for us.

More fireworks.


last one.

more classic Samantha

Samantha wearing both our hats.

Sydney's famous Bondi Beach (we don't why know this one is famous as it is average by Australian beach standards.)

What's up with that?

Samantha on our walk from Bondi to Bronte Beach.

David was there also.

Wild birds (Rosellas) just a few feet away.  A Samantha quote "Are they escaped pets?"

Walking to Bronte Beach

We stopped our hike for a refreshing drink and great food.

Our journey continues... Samantha is taking a rest in Sydney's Hyde Park.

A war memorial in Hyde Park.

Lots of activity in the streets of Sydney.

We're trying the Sydney train system as we head to Kings Cross.

Samantha exploring a water fountain in Darling Harbour.

Samantha enjoys some cooling off time.

Centrepoint Tower -- part of the Sydney skyline.

The bridge from the other side.

Riding the ferry from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay (pronounced "key")

Samantha dressed for a fine dinner somewhere in The Rocks.

A fun looking pub in The Rocks.

And Samantha doesn't even drink beer.

Some shots around The Rocks.

We really liked this place.

A final shot in The Rocks.

The Opera House as seen from the Harbour Bridge.

On the bridge checking out the view.

David taking the Bridge shot from every angle.  Our last photo from Sydney.