We made another movie for the 48 Hour Film Project.

Click on image to download and play the MPEG video.


Yes we are crazy to do it again, but it is so much fun. This year the competition was held over the weekend of July 16th. This competition requires that a film is written, shot, edited, and delivered ready for screening within a 48 hour period.

At 7pm on Friday July 15th, each of the 20 teams drew a genre out of a hat -- This year we drew Action/Adventure. Then every film must include particular items in the movie:

  • a line of dialogue -- "Location, loction, location."
  • a character -- M. Munchley, Computer Programmer
  • a prop -- A salt shaker
  • Here is our entry:

    Movie length is approximately 6 minutes (about 27MBytes.) It should play on any PC or Mac.